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pet owners, rescue organisations
United Kingdom

**August 2011 - If you live in the west midlands area and want complain, contact me for a bbc researcher email address**

As more UK vets opt out of provide out of hours service, Vets Now are moving in to provide out of hours service. While the standard of care may be good, this is leading to VERY high costs for pet owner who need to use their services.

It may be a cost efficient option for the vet but the charges are leading to unnecessary delays in treatment as owners (and rescues) find it difficult to meet costs.

The movement for one surgery to provide care for a large geographical area also causes problems in getting the animals to the surgery.

We, the undersigned, call on the RCVS to investigate and publish their findings on the out of hours veterinary service provided by Vets Now, particularly in regard to their pricing structure and location of surgeries.

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