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The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs estimates that 200,000 veterans are homeless each night in the United States. 11% of the national homeless veteran population is in Los Angeles County alone. California State Senate Bill 2, as introduced by Senator Gill Cedillo, can assist in alleviating this problem.

Senate Bill 2, if enacted into law, states that each city/county must accommodate for the housing needs of all income levels. Each city/county must make a program with a 5-year schedule of actions that the local government is undertaking, or intends to undertake, to implement the goals and objectives of the housing element.

Senate Bill 2 will address the needs of those individuals and families, including veterans, whom have traditionally been treated either unfairly or discriminatorily, or even denied their rights to adequate housing.

WHEREAS we are veterans of wars to protect and defend the freedoms and
benefits of America; and

WHEREAS the blessings of our nation include a concern for the well being of
those who have served it; and

WHEREAS we face grave difficulities in the transition back to civilian life; and

WHEREAS there are increasing challenges to our pursuit of fair and
reasonable housing for ourselves and our loved ones; and

WHEREAS California State Senate Bill 2 (SB 2) would address our need for
housing by asking each city and county to include us in their plans for
housing those in need,

THEREFORE we, the undersigned, call upon our State Legislature and our
Governor to enact SB 2 into law.

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