Mountain Home VAMC Director of Operations, Congressman Phil Roe
United States of America

It has become apparent that the residents of the domiciliary are frequently treated as though they are less than worthy of the care offered at this facility. Through personal experience and in listening to other residents complaints, they are often subjected to derision from the medical and social work staff of this facility.

The average emergency room waiting time for Dom residents is anywhere between 4-6 hours. Many residents avoid being treated for valid health complaints because of the extreme wait times. I personally waited 5 hours to be seen for an abscessed tooth that was causing excruciating pain. The doctors in the emergency department often treat us like drug seeking addicts. This is not to say that there aren't recovering addicts in this facility but, many patients are not and yet we are all included in the assumption.

In addition, many of the patients complaints are marginalized. Many residents are in severe pain and yet their pain is not managed effectively and is often dismissed as fictitious or exaggerations. In the case of my abscessed tooth, I suffered through that terrible pain 2 days before they would prescribe anything that effectively reduced it. Another problem that is becoming an issue at Mountain Home is the constant reduction of funding to the individual programs. Recently, our domiciliary capacity was reduced by approximately 70-80 beds to make room for a portion of primary care staff while renovations are completed in primary care. Yet, the domiciliary is suffering from lock malfunctions on the female room doors, insufficient parking for residents, downsizing the food portions, staffing shortages in resident health care, infrequent provider visits, and reductions in program time of stay for patients.

Numerous residents are being pushed out of programs who aren't ready and many who are here to get a free ride are tolerated and their transgressions are overlooked.

We, the undersigned, request that the patients of the Mountain Home VAMC Domiciliary Program be given the full and complete treatment and respect that has been earned through their service to the United States.

We insist on a complete and thorough treatment program for the patients in their respective programs.

In addition, we also request that the veterans enrolled in the Domiciliary Program be given a significant voice in their medical care with respect to treatment options and pain management.

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