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A few years ago, the large corporation Verizon, bought Indiana's beloved Deer Creek and turned it into Verzion Wireless Music Center. (Stupid name)

Now, Verizon is selling this outside concert venue, the only one North of Indy, to build more strip malls. (Just what we need) They have no plans of opening another outside venue in the rural area.

This is a place with True history! Jerry Gracia, of the Grateful Dead, played here shortly before he died. This is a place that can never be replaced! People fall in love here, make dreams come true! This is what summer is all about and THEY are trying to take it away from us!

WE cannot let this happen! Slowly, corporations are trying to control EVERYTHING, let's try to stop this now!

WE, the undersigned, call on Verizon, Indiana, the government, to refrain from the selling of Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Noblesville, Indiana.

Please help me stop them to continue this wonderful place and preserve it for our children's memories.

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