#Human Rights
Massachusetts Senator: Elizabeth Warren
United States of America

Venezuela is facing a human rights and humanitarian crisis. The Maduro administration monopolizes the concentration of power in Venezuela, causing gradual erosion of human rights guarantees, and inefficiency of public institutions. Opponents including anti-government demonstrators, critics, and opposition politicians have been arbitrarily arrested, abused, and persecuted. Venezuelan non-profit organizations identify over 1,000 arbitrary arrests, and over 200 detainees as political prisoners. Security forces have committed egregious abuses, including torture and raping. More importantly, in the last 50 days of uninterrupted protests across Venezuela, more than 50 people have been killed by security forces, and paramilitary groups supported by the government.
The Venezuelan Supreme Court routinely fails to demonstrate any independence in Venezuelan institutions, endorsing government abuses and stripping the National Assembly of its powers.
Severe shortages of medicine and food seriously undermine Venezuelans’ ability to secure adequate nutrition or access to healthcare. The economy is devastated with an expected GDP contraction of +10% for 2017, comparable only with economies in war zones.

We, the Venezuelan community in the state of Massachusetts, respectfully request Senator Elizabeth Warren to attend the call for democracy in Venezuela, and bring to the floor of the Senate of the United States of America, the concerns of hundreds of families, students, professors, doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and other professionals who have chosen the state of Massachusetts as temporary or permanent residence. We, the Venezuelan community in Massachusetts, have our families, and our legacy back in Venezuela, and we want to return to our country in peace, and with the greatest motivation to work, and rebuild the prosperous, democratic, and innovative Venezuela that we all represent. A country is not defined by its government, a country is defined by its people.
The United States of America and Venezuela have the greatest common ground that any other two nations in the world: Many countries have produced democracy, but what distinguishes the historical route of Venezuela and the United States is that we both produce it, and export it. Venezuela has been the core of democracy in the South of this American continent, and we have not change- we are still fighting to restore it, and live it. This is not a Venezuelan issue, this is a Regional issue!
That being said, the Venezuelan Community in the state of Massachusetts request your attention as Senator of the United States in representation of the State of Massachusetts,, and we ask you to bring our concerns about Human rights violations and Humanitarian crisis in Venezuela to the Senate of the United States, and to the respective commissions.
We know that there are several initiatives in progress, but we consider it paramount to express our direct concern to you as Massachusetts residents with inalienable ties to Venezuela.

Your help is greatly appreciated,

Venezuelans in Massachusetts

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