#Animal Rights
Port Augusta Prison

Port Augusta prison staff are refusing to serve vegetarian meals to vegetarian prisoners unless for religious reasons. Having a medical certificate signed by a doctor has previously been accepted but is now being vetoed by prison nurses and meat diets have been forced onto vegetarians.
I find this appalling on not just human rights grounds but as an animal activist- distressed that animals are being needlessly slaughtered to feed people that don't even want to eat them. The ‘eat meat or go hungry’ mentality is unethical. It punishes animals, punishes people who care about animals and makes no common sense.

We, the undersigned call on the Port Augusta Prison management to accommodate vegetarian meals to prisoners who choose to be vegetarian. Personal choice and ethics should be granted the same due consideration that is offered to vegetarian prisoners on religious grounds. This is not only a human rights concern but an animal rights issue- animals should not be killed unnecessarily to provide for prisoners that don't want meat.

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