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VB goes light on the booze

Foster's Group has announced that they will be cutting the alcohol content in Victoria Bitter from 4.9% to a dismal 4.8% all in the name of cutting their tax bill.

Then to rub some salt into that wound come August loyal VB drinkers will be slapped with a 2% price increase on the now diluted beverage.

So not only are the Australian public being presented with a watered down version of our most popular beer, but we will also be forced to pay more for it.

And what do Foster's plan to do with their $10 million saving, invest in promoting the Foster's brand and developing new beer. Just what we need, Foster's to bring another low carb boutique beer on to the market for all those soft metro yuppy wankers out there who can't handle a real drink.

So as you Foster's executives sit back and sip on your wine spritzers slapping your selves on the back for a job well done, remember, it will forever be on your conscience that you have tainted and disgraced the sacred heritage that is Victoria Bitter

Shame on you Foster's, Shame.

We, the undersigned, call on Foster's Group to remove their head from their ass and return Victoria Bitter to its time honoured state as a FULL strength 4.9% alcoholic beverage and pass any savings that are made in the future onto us, the consumers.

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