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Roger Daltrey, Richard Joseph Paul, Corrina Harney & Jim Wynorski
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Vampirella, (A GREAT COMIC) Landed herself a movie in 1996 but it didn't do so well. It Only got a 3.1 Star rating by IMDB.com here is the summary:

Vampirella, a sexy vampiress in a skimpy costume, travels from Drakulon to Earth to seek revenge on the evil vampires who murdered her father. Adam Van Helsing, leader of a high-tech, globe-trotting, anti-vampire squad helps out. Written by D.A. Kellough

Thirty centuries ago on the planet Drakulon a cult led by Vlad kills the Council and escapes to earth to become the bloodsuckers known as vampires. Ella, daughter of the slain High Elder, pursues the cult with vengeance in her heart. Shipwrecked for centuries on Mars, she eventually gets to earth as stowaway on a manned expedition. On present day earth Adam, a descendant of the Van Helsings, works for PURGE, a paramilitary group dedicated to hunting vampires. Ella is now known as Vampirella, and must form an uneasy alliance with Adam in order to locate and deal with their common enemy, Vlad. Written by Ed Sutton

For more proof beyond what you have read look up the Vampirella Movie trailer on Youtube.

Harris Comic's "Vampirella" is a GREAT line of comics to read, and was recently relaunched. But it made a terrible movie was made back in 96'. A sequel was said to be in order, but never went into production

So I want to start a petition in hopes to get a Vampirella remake Started. I even know the Perfect actress. Well, sort of. She's more of a model. So she can model the costume if anything....She is Vida Guera.... A Cuban Competition model with almost ALL of Vampirella's features.....

The Long Hair, The Big SEXY lips, The Big Juicy titties, & the Well-rounded, plump booty. Give her a pair of Green contacts, Arm Bands, Wrist, Bands & Fangs & C.G. wings (When needed of course) And we have Vampirella.

The storyline can change, or remain the EXACT same as the first movie......I just want an UPGRADE in graphics and of course, in characters. In all fairness, Remakes are being done all the time Batman, Superman, HULK, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th, The Hills Have Eyes, Last House On The Left, Mortal Kombat (Internet Mini-series) Piranha, Wolfman.....The list goes on.....

The point is If they can Remake all of those, & we never asked for them, we as Comic Book Fans can ASK for this one And the least they can do is give it some thought. And if they don't go with a full movie, they can at least do an Adult Straight to-DVD-release cartoon movie.

So, with that being said, & everything off my chest, there's only 1 thing left to say.......Vampirella fans....... WHO'S WITH ME ON THIS?

If you're with me, sign this petition, & let's get it out there.

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