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Extraterrestrialism is a belief by many that humanity evolved into what it is today through the aid of extra-terrestrials.

Extraterrestrialists believe in treating their neighbor the way they, themselves would like to be treated. They believe in an open mind and warm heart when coming in contact with other people or ideas that may or may not conflict with their own beliefs. They do not impose their religion on others, nor do they require church and organization goers to donate. One’s financial choices, time or resources given to the church or organizations will never be judged nor ridiculed.

While growing in popularity amongst all types of people, Extraterrestrialism has remained a marginalized group. It is not given the same validity as other religions such as Christianity and Mormonism, which Extraterrestrialism originally stemmed from. It does not have rights to be recognized as a valid article on Wikipedia, when “Baller” is accepted as a legitimate term. Extraterrestrialists want others to know that they exist. They want to teach others in an unbiased manner of what they believe and show the world the ways in which they live spiritually.

Extraterrestrialists want to show that Extraterrestrialism is a valid religion because they believe in it and it’s their way of life.

We call on the people of the world, the North American Governments, the Encyclopedia, Webster’s Dictionary and Wikipedia to recognize Extraterrestrialism as a valid religion like any other.

It is equal to Christianity, Mormonism or any other acclaimed religion in the sources listed above.

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