University of Southern California Athletic Director Mr. Lynn Swann
United States of America

Watching NCAA softball the last two years trying to follow my favorite teams during each of those years I noticed a great number of players from California and more specifically southern California playing on out of state teams from as far away as the east coast and southern sections of our nation and as near as Oregon, Washington.

Out of the two more prominent universities in southern California only one supports and promotes a women’s fastpitch team, UCLA. My family, along with many other families from Southern California and other parts of the state, happen to be die-hard USC Trojan fans and most, if not all of us, would see it as much more exciting for us to be rooting a Trojan Fastpitch team on than any other school. Especially since a great many of our daughters/granddaughters have been playing the sport since 5 or 6 years of age. They don't want to play for any other school and neither do we.

Two, soon to be three, of my granddaughters are now playing High School Softball and their dream is to don a Trojan jersey if the school had a softball team and an interest in them. Inspite of where that may lead them I’ve decided to test the water for the many others I believe are very much interested in joining/signing a petition for the University of Southern California to begin a program supporting and promoting a Women’s Fastpitch softball team by the year 2020. Hence, the following petition to the Athletic Director, Mr. Lynn Swann.

We, the undersigned, urge and encourage the University of Southern California's Athletic Director, Mr. Lynn Swann, to install a program for a USC Trojan Women's Softball team by the year 2020. It opens up more opportunities for our daughters/granddaughters seeking a college education that financially would be near impossible for most, if not all of their families. Many of those same young ladies are tremendously gifted athletically in this sport they've grown to love. It may also provide a few of them the opportunity to fulfill their dream to represent their country/school one day in the Olympic games. This would also open up well deserved opportunities for the battle tested coaches/assistants/trainers that need new challenges to exercise their expertise in teaching this wonderful game.

I, along with the undersigned, would be grateful that you would consider our petition and proposal, Mr. Swann, We look forward to hearing from you in the near future. FIGHT ON!

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