USA House of Rep., Senators,
United States of America

What if all The citizens that risked their life savings bailing out the banks and auto industry, received a USA Recovery Dividend.

How much do you think your dividend would be if:

1. The citizens of the USA would have received a
check to stimulate the economy instead of the
banks and auto industry.

2. Each and Every Citizen Received a dividend
from the profits of risking are financial future.

* Keeping in mind that the Financial Institutions paid
back $20,000,...... in less than how many month.

Instead of The Citizens of this Great Nation (Risking their life-savings)
Supporting the Financial Institutions and the Auto Industry to
Stimulate the Economy, Let the Citizens who Risked their Life-savings
stimulate the Economy. I hope to inspire patriots and help others that
intend to help other. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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