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On July 16, 2015 four marines and one sailor were gunned down in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The current investigation is taking on the tone of the Fort Hood massacre whereas the US Government declared it to be "work place violence" thereby disqualifying those injured and killed by the Muslim gunman their justly deserved Purple Hearts and any other combat awards.

It is the intention of this petition to demand without delay the award of the Purple Heart and any other combat awards earned be promptly delivered to the families of those slain in Chattanooga Tennessee.

Currently the FBI is only referring to the killer (Mohammad Abdulazeez) of five United States servicemen as a home grown violent extremist.

Four marines and one sailor were shot to death by Abdulazeez during his attack on a US military installation. The defenseless personal in Chattanooga, Tennessee were slaughtered by this man who had strong ties to the Muslim community.

In that all published background information about Abdulazeez directly ties him to strong sympathies towards the ISIS movement it is petitioned for the sake of the families that this matter be promptly resolved and that the slain servicemen be directly and immediately awarded the Purple Heart and any other combat awards earned and deserved on that field of conflict.

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