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United States of America

The NCAA Div-I FBS is the only level of college or professional sports without a championship tournament.

Based on controversies in recent years, it is clear that fans and many schools want to see a playoff pitting the best college football teams against each other in a national venue.

This petition is designed to demonstrate the level of support for a football playoff.

Based on historical attempts to provide a game featuring the two best teams in NCAA college football, the current bowl system is not working. Teams with similar records frequently have just cause to complain that they should have been given the opportunity to play for a national title at the highest level of college football, but were refused.

As a result, unlike every other college sport in the NCAA, fans of the best and most popular teams in college football are left without a clear consensus of a national champion.

Much of the hesitation to enact a playoff system at the highest level of football competition stems from tradition and money. The bowl system has been in place for almost 100 years, and many purists understandably do not want to change this.

Conversely, bowls and schools that play in them are equally hesitant due to the perception of decreased revenue from gate income and television revenue. However, these factors can be overcome through a carefully designed plan in which many schools compete through an elimination tournament.

Selection of teams to participate could be accomplished by the current BCS formula, with conference champions earning an automatic berth, including champions of all 11 Div-I FBS conferences. Selection could also consist of a committee, such as the one in place for the NCAA basketball tournaments.

The BCS bowls could continue as a part of the tournament, with each site having the opportunity to host one or more games of the tournament. With increased interest due to a more varied fan base, bowl revenue should actually increase. Tradition would be maintained through the location of the games, and by allowing other bowls to select teams not playing in the championship tournament.

We, the undersigned fans of college football, request that a championship tournament be created for the highest level of college football.

After years of suffering through heartbreak and confusion at the end of the college football season, we want to see the best teams face off in a championship bracket, in which the winner would be declared the official national champion.

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