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Edinburgh City Council
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Edinburgh City Council has recently been implementing extensions to the Controlled Parking Zones, charging residents and visitors for parking during peak hours.

They claim to have carried out a consultation exercise in preparation for this, and state that the zones were introduced for the benefit of (and after approval from) residents.

Unfortunately, instead of maximising the available space, they have obliterated previously legitimate parking spaces by the introduction of unnecessary yellow lines, and they have also failed to reconsider the obstructive placing of many communal rubbish bins.

The densely populated tenement areas of Edinburgh will, of course, never allow for a space per residence; but at the very least the space available should surely be used to its full advantage.

This petition has been set up by a resident of Zone S4, who has received no direct written response to her four letters sent to the Council on this subject in the past year, and who was expressly told by a Council employee on the telephone that they had received too many letters for them to deal with, and would only take any notice of residents if they formed a 'pressure group' rather than acting individually.

We, the undersigned, find the current parking provision in Edinburgh's Controlled Parking Zone extension area unnecessarily inadequate and call on Edinburgh City Council to:

1) remove unnecessary yellow lines – mostly towards the ends of roads, on speed bumps, and in spaces considered too small for a full resident’s bay, as well as those in communal bin enclosures which are obstructive and confusing on the frequent occasions when the bins have been wrongly placed by Council workers in designated residents’ bays;

2) relocate obstructively sited communal rubbish bins so that they do not cause potential parking spaces to be wasted (e.g. by leaving only a half space between them and the end of a road);

3) develop a more satisfactory long-term plan involving completely rethinking the parking strategy in densely populated, tenemented areas, and considering different models such as the removal of widened areas of paving and the introduction of end-on parking to maximise the available space.

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