#Neighborhood Living
Commercial Development Company, Inc., St. Louis, MO, property owner
United States of America

A massive distribution center at 1 Red Lion Road and 10098 Sandmeyer Lane in Northeast Philadelphia at the former Budd Company site would bring heavy additional traffic to busy existing local roadways and would have an impact on the quality of life in the residential neighborhoods of Somerton, Bustleton, and Huntingdon Valley,
You can read about the project by following the links found at https://sites.google.com/view/somertoncivic/.

We, the undersigned residents of the communities near the properties at 1 Red Lion Road and 10098 Sandmeyer Lane (the former Budd Company property) and the roadways that service those properties, ask you to make full public disclosure of the details of your company's plan to locate a massive distribution center on those properties. How the former Budd Company property is developed is a matter of great concern to everyone in our neighborhoods who would be affected by problems involving traffic, parking, noise, pollution, and other adverse impacts. We ask you to move beyond a posture of relying on nondisclosure agreements to keep information about the development from the public. We ask you to explain your plans in a manner that will permit people to comprehend what is proposed for the former Budd Company property and what impacts it will have on our neighborhoods.
Information that has come to light so far suggests that the distribution center your company is planning, if built, will result in so intensive a use of the property and the roads servicing it that damage to property values and harm to the quality of life in our neighborhoods may reasonably be expected. Accordingly, we ask that you reconsider plans for a distribution center, and opt instead for some other residential, commercial, or industrial development of the property that is more compatible with the settled residential character of the surrounding neighborhoods where we live.

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