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Clark County (NV) Commission Members
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"Las Vegas passed the ban with two goals in mind: reducing the number of homeless pets in local shelters and stopping 'puppy mills.'

The Animal Foundation (Las Vegas, NV) took in nearly 34,000 animals in 2015, most of which were dogs and cats. About a quarter of the dogs and two-thirds of the cats were euthanized, according to the foundation's website.

Ban supporters contend that most pet stores buy their animals from puppy mills, which are known for mass-breeding dogs and cats.

The American Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty classifies puppy mills as 'large-scale commercial' facilities where profit trumps the animals' well-being. It says the females are bred as often as possible without regard for their health, and the animals often live in overcrowded and unsanitary cages." Las Vegas Review Journal, 1/23/2016

We, the undersigned, believe moving forward with this measure will tremendously release the strain currently experienced by both local government and non-profit animal shelters, as well as greatly decrease the number of homeless animals in our community.

We thank you for your time and consideration of this matter!


Clark County Citizens & Voters Concerned for the Welfare of Animals

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