YMCA Corporate
United States of America

-undersized cardiovascular room for 10+ machines
-poor ventilation
-unsafe distance between row 1 of cardio machines and row 2, same for row 2 and the wall.
-no trainers available on site
-minimum training of how to properly use machines from staff
-towels are frayed and worn
-flexible hours
-scale is outdated and not accurate
-no record of janitoral services for pool, showers, sauna or santizing of machines
-fitness mats are deflated
-fitness balls have little to no air reducing quality of workout
-classes are not promoted or encouraged
-no childcare facility for children while members workout
-inadequate space for weight room
-needs new water dispenser
-space of locker room is rather small.

We, the undersigned, are petitioning the corporate office to modify the YMCA gym by addressing the issues above in the most beneficial way for current and future members.

By making the requested modifications, we, the undersigned, believe this will represent the first step of becoming a healthier community. With the obesity of America climaxing we find it imperative to make the adjustments to the only gym in Junction City that is both individually and family oriented.

We are confident that the membership will increase based upon the remodeling of the gym! Lets become healthier together one gym at a time.

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