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***Update*** On March 6th, 2018 the Planning Commission for Cherokee County voted unanimously to deny the rezoning of this property and spoke emphatically against the proposal of a logistics building on this property.
Now, the same developer is submitting plans for a similar logistics building.
This property is currently owned by Cherokee County and purchase under a Park Bond Referendum.
The informational meeting is this Thursday, October 4th. Location information is listed below.

Included is a Dropbox link with additional information. Also, a link to the web page of the planning commission meeting where the proposal was denied.

Copy and paste Dropbox link of complete files for preparation for 03/06/2018 and 10/04/2018

Copy and paste webpage link to video of meeting -
go to meeting dated 3/06/2018
Start at 18 minutes and end at 1 hour 20 minutes

I am contacting you with information of the proposed rezoning of the past “Dunn property” currently owned by Cherokee County. This property is currently zoned as residential (R-20). The proposal is to change the zoning to light industrial (LI) and encroach into stream buffers. Listed below are a few concerns community members have about this proposal.

1. This industrial development will be at the headwaters of a tributary that flows through Westwood Station and then through Clark Creek Elementary School (CCES) and then into Clark Creek. Then into Lake Allatoona.

2. Light Industrial is currently on the North side of Hwy 92 as you travel East from Interstate 75. The South side has maintained a growing residential population.

3. Cherokee County has invested in the Clark Creek ES STEM Academy, Community members would prefer to foster residential growth in this area.

4. Cherokee County bought the property previously known as the “Dunn property” under a Parks Bond Referendum with a vote of 62% in 2008, but now Cherokee County is planning to sell to the developer for a small profit?

Below is a link of the originally proposed Southwest County Park. Go to page 47 of this document and view the original intent of this purchase.

Also, take a look at this AJC article concering this land purchase.

October 4th @ 6:30 pm rezoning information meeting.
Oak Grove Fire Station Community Room
100 Ridge Mill Court, Acworth 30102

If you are in opposition to this proposed rezoning please sign this petition and attend this meeting!

We, the undersigned, are in opposition of the proposed rezoning of the past “Dunn property” currently owned by Cherokee County and the adjacent parcel owned by Kenneth Alston. This property is currently zoned as residential (R-20). The community would like to foster a residential community in support of Clark Creek Elementary School and remain residential. Please keep this property as greenspace.

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