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Starcraft 2 is a game developed by Blizzard, it was released on July 27th, 2010. One of the main features of this game is it's expanding custom content that people still love and enjoy to this day, and with it it also has a big base of custom content creators that are still going strong everywhere from the main starcraft 2 forums to Sc2Mapster, TeamLiquid and Hive-workshop. In 2014 blizzard released Art Tools for the community so we could finally create even more custom content that the players could enjoy.

The Art Tools would be used within 3dsmax to create custom models and effects to be used within the game. The problem, however, was that even back then the art tools were released for an outdated version of 3ds max, specifically 3ds max 2011, with no option to use it for newer versions. Today it is very rare to find and acquire a copy of said program without going through some "shortcuts" to get it, as Autodesk (Developer of 3dsmax) no longer supports 3dsmax 2011, and with no obvious ways to get it, the amount of custom assets is decreasing.
Even the Art Tools themselves have started to age, as you don't find a lot of the newer features and effects that you would see in the newer expansions to Starcraft 2 such as the Legacy of the Void campaign and the Nova Covert Ops DLC.
I am currently running a Starcraft 2 Discord with lots of dedicated modders, and this problem is often something that is brought up as being a huge dealbreaker for many. 3ds max 2011 is more complex than newer versions, the Art Tools aren’t as feature-complete as it "should" be, and, as stated before, it is hard to acquire a working version of 3ds max 2011.

I am writing this petition to let Blizzard know that we, the modding community, still care a lot for it's custom content, and would GREATLY appreciate if Blizzard acknowledged this by releasing an updated version of the Art Tools. By doing so, you would be guaranteed to see a lot more custom content, and also a higher quality overall in said content.

We, the mapping communty, call for Blizzard Entertainment, Inc to release an updated version of the Starcraft 2 Art Tools for a newer, more accesible version of 3dsmax. In return we would see an bigger quanity of custom content for the game. As well as a increased quality in maps.

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