Edward S. Rogers

With the increasing number of Rogers High speed Internet users, Increase in pricing for their supposed High speed internet access, I find that their services are continuously unsatisfying and paying higher prices is unjust! We demand better and faster services, with FEWER limits! If not, lower the prices of our services.

They claim to be Canada's most advance high-speed network. Show they are one of Canada's Worse! Upgrade your servers! Better customer service! Less misleading ads!

Why do they not state there are no Download/Upload limits? To fool you into thinking there are none so you will sign up. But in reality there are limits that they don’t advertise!

**Please use your Rogers E-Mails, or legitimate emails over free emails services such as Hotmail because they will have less of an impact!

We, the users at Rogers Internet have been deeply outraged at the quality of the service provided by the High-speed division of Rogers. With our increased in pricing, we fail to see how our extra money has correlated into faster and better services. We demand better services, because as loyal customers of Rogers, we demand the same loyalty in return. What's the point of High speed on a leash!

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