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Morris County Board of Commissioners
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We are asking the Morris County Commissioners to rescind the county mask mandate and replace it with a recommendation instead.

The local health officer has once again issued a mask mandate that has been voted into place by the BOCC (Board of County Commissioners). While Covid-19 is a serious illness that we take very seriously, we feel that a governmental, politicized "order" is not the right answer. We are not anti-mask, but we are opposed to a government order that is impractical, unenforceable, divisive, and political.

The county commissioners have voted to accept this mandate, but openly defy it in their private businesses and in their personal lives. This only punishes local business owners who potentially lose customers and it makes it harder for them to retain employees. Children/staff in the school district are also affected. The local BOE has a "masks optional" policy that cannot go into place until the county mandate is rescinded.

We need to let the commissioners know that they are elected officials that work for us. We are 18 months into this pandemic. By now, the citizens of Morris County are well informed, intelligent people that should be left alone to make our own risk assessments, exercise personal responsibility/accountability, and make our own health decisions for ourselves and our families.

We, the undersigned, call on the Morris County Board of County Commissioners to override the mask mandate put into place on 8/7/21 by the Local Health Officer, Dr. Daniel Frese.

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