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Lauded comic creator Gail Simone is looking for a new project. She recently posted a series of demented selections from a fictional "Murder Betty" story in which Betty of Archie Comics goes on a merry killing spree on the streets of Riverdale.

We want this released, in the same vein as the officially licensed "Garfield Minus Garfield".

Gail Simone, acclaimed comic author most recently known for her stint on Batgirl for DC Comics, is looking for a new project. Via her Twitter stream ( @GailSimone ) she launched into a series of demented tweets concerning a fictional pitch for "Murder Betty" in which Betty of Archie Comics fame begins randomly killing residents of the idillic Riverdale.

Archie Comics - We want to read this! In light of ultra-popular, officially supported "fan" projects such as the dark "Garfield Minus Garfield", we know that fandom not only supports these sorts of riffs on established, beloved characters, but will support it with fistfuls of money.

Let's do this thing. We must let Murder Betty loose.

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