#Animal Welfare
All Governments & World Leaders

Current animal welfare acts in countries such as UK, USA and Australia have been reformed in the past 10 years and now go a long way towards protecting animals, however they do not go far enough and The Dog Express would like to see unity, standardization and a universal approach to animal welfare acts, especially where it concerns domesticated and working dogs.

We call for much tougher penalties and sentences when acts of cruelty, neglect and suffering are committed as 51 week jail sentences and £500 fines are not a deterrent to these kinds of people. We call for prison sentences with a minimum of 6 years where the death of a dog or cat is the result of neglect or cruelty and lifetime bans for any act causing unnecessary suffering.

We also call for sentences, fines and bans to be imposed on those who knowingly fail to report or stop any act of animal cruelty, as those who do nothing as just as accountable as those who commit the crimes.

We, the undersigned, call on all global leaders and governments to pass a universal law protecting the welfare of domesticated dogs and cats against suffering, cruelty, neglect or death at the hands of humans.

This universal law should replace any current jurisdictional welfare acts and impose tougher penalties for those who commits such acts and those who knowingly fail to stop or report such acts (as being equally liable).

This universal law should stand for every person, in every country and be punishable by the same penalties, regardless of citizenship or stature.

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