#Residential Disputes
Solitaire Property Management
United Kingdom


Solitaire Property Management have for the past 4 months sent letters to residents of Connaught Park in Tunbridge Well in Kent, presenting themselves as the landlord of Connaught Park and that every resident is oblige to Pay a sum of £152.54 as an estate charge and £917.87 as a service charge.

After having struggled to understand what the services charges included in the leaflets provided, the company mentioned said the charges are for services, repairs, maintenance, improvements and insurance ???


Every resident will agree with me that this is a brand new property that has every modern facilities.

In addition, I am pretty sure that almost every individual resident has some form of content and building insurance, pay their council tax to cater for primarily rubbish waste, utility bills etc.

If this so-called company said that this excessive service charge is for services, repairs, maintenance, improvements etc.

The question is what improvements ?, what services ?, what insurance ? or repairs ?

Who contractually negotiated for them to to act as landlord?

Did Barratt Homes informed the residents of Connaught Park that this company will represent us?

How can a new modern two floor apartment or mansion that has no garden or communal amenities be either improved, maintained, serviced, or insured as claim by this company ?

We, the undersigned concerned residents of Connaught Park, call on Barratt Homes, Solitaire Property Management to review and suspend the collection of service charges that its claiming.

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