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For the longest time, we've been dealing with poor heating and air conditioning but now, we're dealing with something a whole lot worse.

The school is basically falling apart and the only thing we've got accomplished is finally fixing the temperature and getting a new, yet unneeded field, but yet the ceilings are threatening to fall down on us. There's constant water damage throughout the school, leaking in the middle of major hallways and in the cafeterias, where we're suppose to be eating.

Before we've ignored it but then just recently things got violent when all students were redirected into the much smaller hallways. A fight broke out, students were injured and things were stolen in the middle of the mess that cramped a good 500 or more students into the tight hallways.

We're rioting against ourselves now and pointing fingers but to add onto it, I personally was almost seriously injured when a glass window came falling down onto me when I'm trying to practice for a sport.

We need a change. We need to get the school fixed. We need to stop wasting our parents tax paying money on the useless things and pay more attention to the things that matter like our safety.

So, I'm merely asking everyone who supports this to please help out the cause before someone else gets hurt or worse.

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