Medicaid Medical Association

My complaint with The Medicaid Medical Association is the fact that they are not helping their members with all the dental coverage that the people need like Dentures, braces, bad breath, cosmetic surgery, root canal, gum desease, bleaching of teeth, crown & bridges, restorative dentistry, bleeding gums & implants. All they will pay for is Extractions, x-rays & exams. They need to put more money into the medicaid program, because people shouldn't have to walk around with rotten teeth or bad breath and a host of other dental problems, so if you agree to this petition please sign

Dear Medicaid members I Lawrence Taylor am putting forth this petition to help people who receive medicaid to receive more funding for their dental needs, because medicaid will not pay for the dental problems that their members need, like dentures, bad breath, ulcers, root canals, bleaching & Adult restorative dentistry.

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