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Hellblazer is Vertigo's longest ongoing comic book series, lasting for over 25 years. Filled with black magic, demons, and critically acclaimed work.

Unfortunately, the series is apparently going to end by the 300th issue, and DC is going to start a whole new series with Hellblazer's main character, John Constantine, in CONSTANTINE. Knowing DC's current predictability, the new series is going a far less edgy version without the pure grittiness fans love.

If no one signs this petition before February in 2013, fans will be heart-broken and famous or unknown artists and writers won't even have a chance at working on their own published Hellblazer issue.

Hellblazer must live on.

We, the undersigned, call on DC comics to cancel their CONSTANTINE project and continue the original Hellblazer series under the control of Vertigo.

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