Dr. Jerry Hale
United States of America

Lately, many of the sites at our schools have been blocked. While the school board claims that this is because of teachers abusing sites such as Facebook during school hours, there were no grounds for blocking other sites such as Grooveshark, Miniclip, etc.

We, the undersigned, feel that there have been too many blocked websites, some without cause. We urge the school board of Warren County to unblock some of these harmless sites, such as Grooveshark, which can be used for educational purposes, as well as background music for students to work.

Also, while there may be some questionable videos on sites such as YouTube and Netflix, some of the videos can have very high educational value. We feel that blocking these websites has shown that there is not trust in the teachers' discretion. We urge Dr. Hale to give back our rights to these sites.

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