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I want to make a change in my school and making a petition is a good way to do it. I need other people's help; I can't do this alone and by myself. So help and support me by signing this petition and sharing this with other people who agree with this. Also, keep checking it because it may be updated with me thanking everyone who signed it or something else may be updated.

It's about how students have no power to change things and we need to change all of the things I mentioned on her and on my YouTube video on my YT channel SallyPurpleYT.

Another thing this is about is the vids on YouTube by Prince Ea titled I Sued the School System!, What is School For?, and Student vs. Teacher

We as students and parents who support them; will unite and join together from all over the USA and change the school system for the better and for the future and for the better and for the future of the students.

My situation is this and I go to ENHS; I'm not sure if this is the same for any other EPS or if anyone else has the same situation as me. Please support me with this by signing this and looking at the comments and adding a comment after you read this. Here's my situation at my school:

People last year at Edmond North High School liked to do school work on their phones when they had free time in class. The ban that EPS established for all Edmond public schools is very bad; because they mainly did it because people were possibly hacking the WiFi. Edmond North High School made it so the students couldn't even access the WiFi at school. Teachers are on their phones, can be, which makes it very bad for students and more tempting for us to get on our phones in class. Teachers are on their phones while students are taking tests or quizzes and even after they give students assignments, projects, etc. Teachers will take students' phones away if they catch them with it out in class. Our phones are our property and can people take away people's property; no. Phones our your property if you are 18 and live at a hotel or somewhere not with your parents. Before the students got Chromebooks they had to deal with being very bored during closed tutorial because no one felt like talking and everyone just wanted to play on their phones but couldn't. Student's can't even listen to music in class anymore because of the phone ban and because of that; they have to listen to bad music on the Chromebooks; because all of the good music is blocked on the Chromebooks. Students in their free time after they're done with all of their assignments in the class they're in and assignments for other classes; used to play CoolMath games but it got blocked so know they have to play other games, but all of those games get boring after a while. With Coolmath blocked it is making kids want to play on their phones more.

This is making teens life at school very bad and if you sign this petition you can help this cause. EPS sent out an email to stop people from making petitions put I am making this to rebel because we have the freedom of speech and the freedom to make petitions. I made another petition in the past on change.org but they blocked it after sending out the email. What do petitions do; let you say your opinion and so others will see your opinion; like the freedom of speech; so they Head of the EPS is taking away our freedom of speech a.k.a. our right. When you are born into the US aren't you a US Citizen and don't US Citizen's have rights; even if they are in school; yes except for in any EPS. So please sign this to help my cause.

The EPS messed google images and a classmate of mine searched Comic Sans because he liked comic sans and he was using it for a web design project and these are some pics of what he saw: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&... and many other pics that weren't what he wanted to see which was a picture of Comic Sans. The link may only work on Chromebooks; I'm not sure if it does work on another computer besides Chromebooks.

Another problem is that there a websites blocked for no good reason and students can't search those websites on their phones unless they do it sneakily and it is also because all of the EPS students got locked out of the school's WiFi and the cellular data and some kids can't afford to waste their parents data; so we need to get the WiFi back to EPS students so there will not be no service in some classrooms. Since students can't access the school WiFi; they have to use cellular data and their parents get mad at them for using too much cellular data because not all students can afford or have unlimited. It is the 2000 century and it is the age of technology and technology is always advancing. So if you join this petition you can get google fixed, unban phones and get school WiFi back, and get Coolmath unblocked from the Chromebooks and all of the other problems in EPS.

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