Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
United Arab Emirates

This petition is created due to the banning of Roblox In the U.A.E.
Roblox is multiplayer platform where you can take fun and learning together about generating a new game using the correct match of items. So it is a good opportunity specially for children to come up with their skills. The games are all made by the fellow player so there is a game for everyone’s tastes. If there are any concerns about this game why not add a age limit. Roblox allows players to create games and in the process hone their coding skills as well. many people like Roblox as it mostly provides free gaming where we can interact with others. If the players find anything they don't like in the chat box they have the choice to close the chat box. I agree there are some problems within the game but the players are the given the choice to report these problems so that they can be resolved within the game itself. If the parents of some children feel that it is harmful for their children they can take measures to prevent their child from playing. Why do these parents want to deprive others of their entertainment.
(This is not at all related to this but due to banning of roblox in U.A.E. many users have started criticising the decision of the Government Authority and even jokes have been circulating that they are gonna ban youtube and social media next)

I made this petition for all the players of Roblox in the U.A.E to request the Government Authorities to unban Roblox so the players can once again play this interesting and fun game. This is just a humble request from all the players here in the U.A.E.

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