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Donnelly-Cliftonville, or more affectionaly known as just Donnelly, was a memeber of Irish League Supporters Forums (ILS).

He has been banned for posting up an unsuitable video about previous N.Irish politics, asking what song was on the video, and was banned FOR LIFE because of it.

Us, lovers, friends or supporters of Donnelly want him back.

We, the ILS members, call on ILS Admin to unban Donnelly for what is clearly an unfair punnishment, we think that at the most, a heads up about this should be the most he gets.

It should be noted Donnelly accepts that he did something wrong, and will think for carefully.

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The Unban Donnelly-Cliftonville petition to Irish League Supporters Forums was written by Phil McVeigh and is in the category Forums at GoPetition.