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My name is Amira Seymour. I am living in a domestic partnership with my partner, Ian with whom we had a son together, Sebastian.

As I am both Jewish and a member of the LGBT Community in the United Kingdom, and so is my partner, for my faith and our sexual orientation and lifestyle choices in 2014 our son was forcefully removed whilst visiting family members in the county of Wiltshire with fabricated accusations with the help of some local people whom have been harassing my partner for many years whilst residing there for his sexual orientation.

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1. www.wiltshire-crimes.com;
2. on Facebook as "LGBTQ and Jewish Supporters of Dr. Amira Kiss-Zamedics Seymour";
3. on Facebook as "IanandAmira Seymour".

Since the disappearance of our son, who was only eleven months old at the time, we have been suffering the following actions of Essex County Council and Police from Essex, Islington and of Wiltshire Council and Police against us:

Both Myself and Ian were continually Harassed and being Stalked and Bullied by Police Officers in England not only in within their county but outside of the said counties in multiple other places, such as Soho, London, Brighton, Manchester, within England and Wales whilst ourselves residing in and around LGBT/Gay Community and Gay Villages;

I suffered Anti-Semitic abuse both physical and verbal from Police Officers and the above mentioned Council Members and some people in/from Essex/Islington/Wiltshire, with political motivations against my Jewish heritage and Zionist belief;

Both of us suffered Sexual Discrimination/HOMOPHOBIA and LGBT Bullying as members of the LGBT Community by these Police Officers and Council members;

Both Myself and Ian suffered Harassment inclusive of Physical Assaults, including being beaten up and Myself Raped by Police Officers, and Verbal Harassment by electronic devices, inclusive of phone calls, death threats by phone and via social media, as well as Psychological Intimidation against Myself and members of our family;

Both Myself and Ian lost major part of our personal belongings inclusive of our son's from Anchor Trust Home in Wiltshire County (where one member of our family resided) where members of Wiltshire Council and Police entered the premises and stole above mentioned personal belongings of ours (the Care Home is silent and unwilling to help and reply ever since both locally and from their headquarters in London);

Both Myself and Ian were falsely arrested multiple times and imprisoned without any warrant and reasonable grounds, the last time at Stansted Airport with the help of Essex Police whom handed us over from their Custody, - after hours of not being offered any water or food, being strip searched and having been frozen down by their air conditioning system that they deliberately switched on with a high strength and pressure directed to us - , to Wiltshire Police Officers, upon which they forcefully took both of our travelling documents without the necessary approval of a high ranking Police Officer to do so or without a court order, since then (May 2015) my Passport is being unlawfully withheld at Wiltshire Council and Police, to make me unable to stay alive on the streets of England, despite of the legal directions of the "Policing and Crime Act 2017" and despite of the time limits in regards of keeping One of Bail and having the right to withheld their travelling documents (that which can only be extended in outstandingly serious cases only by the higher Courts of England and Wales);

Both Myself and Ian suffered psychological trauma for the harassment of my elderly and disabled father where members of Wiltshire Council and Police continously harassed and abused him for our sexual orientation and for my Jewish faith until the point they killed him with the assistance of his GP and they were deliberately withholding his death from us for a long time to cause us more psychological suffering and pain!!!;

Upon multiple times contacting and crying for help to members of the British Government, to the Chief Rabbi of the UK, to the British Criminal Courts and Crown Prosecution Head Office, to the Ministry of Justice and to the MET Police all of which refused to help and cooperate similarly to the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights to which we filed a lawsuit including these violations of our rights on Three accounts but were refused immediately - the documentary evidence is being stored at a safe location as well as all the documented evidence to the above mentioned violations of our Human Rights);

Both Myself and Ian suffered the Abduction of ours at Paddington Railway Station (upon being again unlawfully arrested without any warrant or any approval of the courts of England and Wales whilst falsely stating that we were "wanted" despite not being on any Wanted Registry within the United Kingdom that you can check anytime online) by the British Transport Police and Police Officers from Islington, London;

Last but not least Myself and Ian after our innumerous false arrest and imprisonment and psychological and physical abuse at the Police Custody in Chelmsford, Essex, in Islington and in Wiltshire County, were put up on a train back towards London without any of our phones, laptops, ID documents, without our money, fearing for our life and becoming homeless after we were told that neither of us deserved to be treated fairly and humanly.

Since both Myself and Ian, our LGBT friends and our foreign national Jewish legal representative whom is a respected member of the Zionist Jewish and LGBT Community from Israel, have contacted in writing and by phone (of both we possess recorded evidence) the Office of Her Majesty the Queen, the UK Home Office, Amber Rudd MP, David Gauke MP, Theresa May as Home Secretary and Prime Minister, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Alison Saunders Director of Public Prosecution, the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom, All Sorts Youth, Outrage!, Pink News, Gay Times, Attitude, Diva magazine, Happy Valley Pride, LGBT Consortium, Ministry of Justice, Office of the Public Guardian, Antonio Tajani President of the European Parliament, Deputy Commissioner of the MET Police but none of us received any replies and help apart from an assistant from the MET Police instructing us to report these abuses to Wiltshire Police (that which we also have written evidence of).

We have no other choice than to turn to the International LGBT Community for HELP and SUPPORT as we are desperate and we are being refused the basic human rights and LGBT Rights to be able to live where we lived before in the LGBT Community in the United Kingdom safely and in peace and love.

Please help us and members of our family and friends to get our life back in the United Kingdom!

Thank you for SIGNING and SHARING! <3

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