#Consumer Affairs
Ohio State University Marion
United States of America

The toilet paper sucks. I would say that it is hardly one ply at best. I would bet that the university isn't even saving money on it, because I have to have a wad the size of a softball just to wipe my ass. I pump a lot of money into this university and so when I go to use the facilities I expect to feel comfortable and not like I am wiping my ass with sandpaper.

If the university is having problems with coming up with the funds to get some Angel Soft in the bathrooms, then let me suggest that they take some of the profits from the over priced candy and pop machines. $.79 for a candy bar? It is in the book store!!! But that is a petition for another time.

Please everybody, take the time to think about your ass, because if you don't, who will?

Please vote yes on getting two ply, soft toilet paper in the bathrooms at the Marion campus.

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