David Campbell and Luckiest Productions

I would love to be given the opportunity to capture David Campbell raw. No lights, no make up, no wardrobe, just David being himself, and capturing his differing personalities.

I have always admired David’s work and personality and a about 15 months ago I had this overwhelmingly strong desire to capture someone I really admire being themselves. I want to achieve this to prove that dreams do come true. That it if you want something badly enough you CAN make it happen. Almost 16 months on and the desire is just a strong, if not stronger.

Along the way I have been photo blogging ideas to support my idea. http://allnaturalallrawalldavidcampbell.wordpress.com/

I had emailed Luckiest Productions early last and was lucky enough to be able to speak with David himself , last August briefly about my ambition. He did say to get back in contact early the new year for a possible May/June project date. This is what is really driving me.

I have had no response to two prior emails, so thought an online petition might a way of getting notice and an answer/response either way.

David will be in Adelaide from 10 June - 25 June for Adelaide Cabaret Festival, but not touring here any time in the near futures, probably into the studio to record, and then back off to NY next year. I feel I've really only got the above dates to try and grab the opportunity to capture him raw and natural (no stage make up, costumes, big bands or fancy suits) just everyday David, not unlike his wife, Lisa would see him.

David, we would love to see Tanya's Dream Capture (one on one time with you) turn into a Reality Shoot, proving that dreams really can come true.

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