#Students' Rights
Student of UWTSD
United Kingdom

Following NUS National Conference 2016 students across the country have started asking bigger questions when discussing their relationship with NUS UK. Your delegates Stefanie Turner and Toby Lewis, following demand from students, have agreed that the argument of disaffiliation is one that needs to be had through referenda.

This petition calls the students' union to hold a cross-campus referendum, asking students to decide if we are to remain an affiliate of NUS. The above delegates have agreed to provide information on both sides of the question.
This petition will need to reach 200 verified signatories, once it has reached this number it will be forwarded to the Union. We will ask the Union to hold the referendum at the start of the next academic year, as we believe this would be the closest time period of ideal accessibility.

All you are doing by signing this petition is saying that you feel students' should be asked to decide on whether we remain an affiliate of NUS, this petition does not mean we will disaffiliate. Also, by not holding the referendum immediately, we feel students' will have ample time to form a stance on the question.

In order for your signing to be recognised, you will have to use your student email, and you will have to verify this email when registering for this website. If you are not a full member of TSDSU please do not sign this petition as it will not count.

We have opted to not make signatories public so that you can sign securely, however, do be aware that we as the creators have to be able to see your name and email address in order to ensure this petition is valid and representational, therefore, we ask that you do not opt of anonymity.

We, the undersigned, call on TSDSU to hold a cross-campus referendum asking students whether they wish to stay an affiliate of NUS, or whether they wish to disaffiliate from NUS.

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