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If we refuse to hold our representatives and our president accountable for our security, economics and rate of spending then we risk allowing the united states to smother under her own weight.

We have a vote and fully intend to use it wisely research the issues before us and separate the truth from the lies I’m asking you sir to introduce a Bill to bring about truth integrity & honesty. With strong penalties of their own expulsion should a representative or any government official including the president willfully misled the American people.

Bring this law not only to the capital but to the white house and the entire political process. We must demand that we get real and truthful facts to base our opinions (votes) on. We the people are ultimately responsible for our own destiny. However there can only be one true set of facts, we will no longer allow congress or the senate to lie or otherwise mislead the American people . This Is not politics Like the president said in the resent round table debate. It is simply seeing who can be the best story teller and convince the American people that a specific bill is in there best interest. WE deserve better and we know better we need to be assured that when the members of congress or the senate or the president speak it is with the same reliable truthful stabilizing voice reflecting the same set of true facts or numbers so there can be absolutely no confusion. This has become necessary because of the present policies in congress, senate and the white house. Additionally distorting the true facts of any candidate running for office in this land our land can not will not and should not be tolerated..

I simply can't believe I am writing this letter and it has become overwhelmingly apparent that Washington is out of control and needs the oversight of the American people to ensure we have truth in the legislative process. This is an important first step this has got to be done the American people will not allow you all to ignore the simple truth. WE the people are the most Important and powerful part of this republic.

P.S. I am sure you can agree that truth in legislation is a positive thing that will bring about a new era of trust in government

Join us today and demand truth in legislation.

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