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During the past several months, exposure to Ebola hemorrhagic fever in several nations has increased to startling levels. It is reasonable to believe that if this virus is not properly contained, it can spread to epidemic proportions. The Administration and the CDC, has refused to protect American citizens from the spread of this disease by not banning travel from these nations, as other responsible nations have done.

As a result, there have been several confirmed cases of Ebola that have been brought here and it appears that it may be spreading from state to state. As of the preparation date of this petition, the Administration has still refused to impose a travel ban from these highly infected nations, which would be a reasonable and responsible action. This is unconscionable and is imperiling every person in this country as it is certain that no one really knows or understands the means and methods of transferring the contagion from one person to another.

Now, inexplicably the Administration has announced it will be sending our troops to the most contagious and dangerous areas to “fight” the Ebola crisis. These troops have not been trained, do not have a medical background, and have been questionably equipped to successfully conduct a mission that at the time of this writing remains unstated.

Since their mission has not be declared - either to the public or to Congress, it is assumed that they will serve as policemen, border guards and quarantine enforcers - positions that are currently employed by the governments in those regions. The Administration’s actions is irresponsibly putting the lives our young men and women in jeopardy. In the event they contract this deadly disease, their loved ones will never see them again; in the event that they return home with the disease, the lives of their families and for that matter the entire country, will suffer as a result of this madness.. This is just not acceptable.

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Part I: This petition demands that Mr. Obama rescind his order to have American soldiers be sent to Ebola plagued regions. Those nations have the responsibility to prevent this virulent disease from spreading. America can help with funding and equipment, but not by unnecessarily endangering our servicemen who have nobly pledged their lives to protecting this nation. It would be unconscionable for us to sit back and allow these selfless patriots to be placed recklessly in endangerment - not even with so much as a mission statement, questionable protective gear, and proper medical training.

Part II: This petition also demands that flights to and from the infected nations be suspended immediately.

Part III: This petition demands that if Parts I and II are not implemented, the Congress of the United States must defund any transfer of American military personnel to Ebola infected regions for the purpose of Ebola containment.

Mr. Obama, do not send our troops to Ebola infected regions and immediately suspend all flights to and from these regions.

Members of Congress, please defund any transfer of American military personnel to Ebola infected regions.

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