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Local Area Traffic Management - Queensland Dept of Transport

After witnessing a pedestrian/car accident on the 3rd of February I have decided to organise this petition to introduce traffic calming devices on Henry Street in Spring Hill.

There are numerous short and long term apartment patrons, pub patrons, and 2 child care centres within 100 metres of the street. Combine that with literally hundreds of cars per day using it as a shortcut, this sort of accident was bound to happen, and will continue to happen unless something is done.

Henry Street is currently 2 way and only barely wide enough for that, let alone the speeds and blind spots accessing Astor Terrace, John Street and Leichhardt Streets.

We call on Brisbane City Council, Queensland Transport and Brisbane City Police to work together to discourage streets like this to slip under the radar when it comes to traffic management.

We, the undersigned, ask that traffic calming devices are installed on Henry Street to allow access to those who need the street whilst giving some form of protection to the residents and patrons in the area.

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