The Goverment, House of Commons, Parliament
United Kingdom

Too often we are hearing that Knife Crime is being used as an everyday occurrence, this can be that victims have been held up at Knife point during a robbery or a left scarred by being slashed or in the most heartbreaking of circumstances the victims loss their lives through being stabbed. Harsh as it sounds this is an everyday thing.

If the Government changed the sentencing on these individuals by making it tougher then we may save innocent victims in the future. How can you say a life sentence is 16years? It has to be put up to 25-30years before Parole for murder. It may deter others from thinking" it is ok to use a knife i will be free in 8years".

The families that loose loved ones through Knife crime live a life sentence as they never will get the chance to see hold or speak to their loved ones again, why should these people be allowed back on our streets.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Government, Parliament, House of Commons to up the sentencing for Knife Crime from 16 years imprisonment (Life Sentence) to be put to 25-30 years imprisonment.

Carrying a Knife sentencing has to be made tougher. Threatening with a knife should attract tougher sentencing. And harming another person with a knife such as slashing should also attract tougher sentencing.

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