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U.K secretary of state
United Kingdom

I have been sending letters to my M.P asking for support on increasing sentences for those convicted of animal cruelty/abuse. Whilst this is going well (he emailed me today with a copy of a letter he'd sent to the secretary of state backing me) pressure needs to be put on the government to make this happen.

They have stated that they are committed to animal welfare reforms so I think they need to address this issue. A recent example of inadequate sentencing is that of a woman who deliberately starved her cats to death and received a £200 fine and a five year ban from keeping animals - people convicted of such vile crimes should NEVER be allowed to keep animals again.

It's about time we lived up to our reputation as an animal loving nation and made those who commit such cruelty be punished not slapped on the wrist and allowed back out to re-offend.

I believe that sentences given for animal cruelty are not severe enough and do nothing to help deter these crimes and would like to see this changed.

People who abuse animals are allowed, after a minimal ban, to keep animals again, this is not acceptable. Please take time to address these concerns.


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