#Animal Rights
The Major of Torremolinos

My U.K. charity, Paws in Need (registration 1110537) has spent many thousands of euros in Torremolinos (Andalucia) neutering abandoned cats. We have managed to find homes for some of them but many have to still live on the street.

We are obliged to provide food for their survival or else they will die a slow and agonizing death from starvation. Yet now a sign has been put up by a resident in Calle Brasil and by a resident at La Roca telling us not to feed the cats. An administrator at Pueblo Blanco has reported our helper to the sanitation department for feeding starving cats and a man with a dog waits outside at night to try to prevent the cats being fed .I am also aware various ayuntamentos in this area try to stop people feeding the cats. The cats and our helpers are under constant threat from cat haters whom the mayor supports by his attitude, and babaric by-laws giving us, and the cats, no protection or support.

This however is wrong on several points.
1) It inflicts extreme cruelty onto animals many of whom were dumped by people in that area;
2) It violates human rights and freedom by forcing people to violate their environmental beliefs. If they believe they can not leave hungry animals to die a slow painful death they are being forced to violate those beliefs.

Please take down these signs in Calle Brasil and at La Roca and also lift this cruel and erroneous ruling in Torremolinos and throughout Spain by which Spanish ayuntamentos attempt to enforce animal starvation which is a violation of European animal welfare and also violates the civil rights and environmental beliefs of people who continue to feed them to prevent their death by enforced starvation. This ruling gives free rein to cat haters to inflict abuse.

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