Tokio Hotel & it's management team

Recently Tokio Hotel announced dates for their 1000 Hotel European Tour, and many Irish fans were disappointed to see that neither Ireland nor the United Kingdom were part of the list of dates for the tour.

Ireland has not yet experienced the, what we imagine to be, pleasure of having Tokio Hotel play live for us here. Yet Ireland has an ever increasing fan-base, which can be seen from the number of social-networking sites set up to try & get Tokio Hotel to play here and to show the rest of the world what a great band Tokio Hotel are.

Furthermore, more recently dates were announced for a second Tokio Hotel visit to the United States, which has outraged & upset many Irish fans, considering that Tokio Hotel have practically only returned from the US where they held some concerts in February of this year.

We think that it is unfair for Tokio Hotel to revisit a place from whicht they have only just returned, particularly when there are places closer to home in Europe(such as Ireland) where there are large fan-bases and have never experienced Tokio Hotel live before.

We also do not think that it is fair to generalise and say that Ireland don't have many fans when in fact, there are plenty and although Ireland has a much smaller population than the likes of the US and Canada, we still have a high percentage of Tokio Hotel fans for our population.

We, the undersigned fans of Tokio Hotel, ask that even one Irish performance be scheduled for some time this year (2008) so that we Irish fans can experience Tokio Hotel live in concert and we also take into account the fact that at the moment Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer of the band is sick and that other concerts that were cancelled have to be rescheduled.

Above everything else, we would just like to show Tokio Hotel, how many fans they have in Ireland and how much love and support we have for them and their music.

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