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I wrote a letter for my blog to the Queen, asking her to deny her assent to the NHS Reforms Bill. I thought that, even if she never read it, someone would.

Urged by a friend I have decided to reform my letter into a petition aimed at the Queen. So please, sign this petition, and maybe we can stop this bill in time.

From my blog, Tales From A Frenzied Mind

An open letter to Elizabeth the Second.

Your majesty,

You will never read this. You will never know the outrage your people feel.

But then perhaps you do. And you simply chose to ignore us, your people, in favour of your government, who have also ignored us.

They have denied us our democratic right to vote on a subject that directly affects us. They have ignored specialists who know more about the subject than they. They have decided, against all reasonable criticism, to push forward with the NHS Reforms, which doctors up and down Great Britain have said will cripple the NHS. Doctors, your majesty, people within the NHS, with experience of the workings of the NHS, and who wish to protect one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

The NHS Reforms Bill now only needs your assent to become law. A law that your government wants, but not your people.

Your neutrality in politics is admirable, but only if you assume that what you sign into law is what the people will to be law. And the people do not will it.

You must refuse this bill your majesty. It is an affront to democracy, an insult to the people you reign over, a return to an opaque government where corruption and fraud are rife. But I wonder if this appeal falls on deaf ears.

In that case your majesty, why do we allow you to continue to reign over us, if you will not stand for us? Yours is the last line of defence between us, and the politicians who would rob us blind and call it justifiable. Need I remind you, that the Thatcher era saw a great deal of the populace rise up in rebellion against a government that ignored them, treated them with contempt.

The first taste of unrest was felt only last year. It was directionless, an anger that was aimed at nothing in particular because those who felt it lacked the knowledge of who to aim it at. They were angry, your majesty, because of what they are forced to live with. Poverty. Under your reign.

This government lies to us. This government despises us.

Do you despise us as well? If you do, then I have no more to say to you. If you have any affection for us at all, for your country, then you must refuse this bill.

Yours sincerely
Leonie Frendo

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