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Gopetition.com's Term of Use T specifies that referring to Donald Trump as a "racist" falls into the category of "propaganda" and is a "defamatory slur"

We the undersigned ask you to rescind your restriction on petitions referring to Donald Trump as a racist. We acknowledge that the charge of racism can be hurled as an insult or propaganda ploy. But we vehemently disagree that this is the only way it can be used. There is such a thing as an actual racist, and as citizens, it is not just our right but our duty to formulate an informed opinion as to whether or not our president actually falls into that category. Moreover, we are acutely aware that the poisonous vine of racism in America's past has been watered with the silence of those who knew better. We will not be silent. We call upon you to rescind clause T and let Americans formulate their own opinions on this life-and-death topic.

The To the Management of Gopetition.com petition to The management of gopetition.com was written by No Frack Almanac and is in the category Patriotism at GoPetition.

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