The Syrian government including Mr. president, Prime minister, the minister of justice

(R. M) Qab, 19, is too close to being killed by her brother, as he has publicly pledged to do in the name of “honor.” (R. M) is one of the two women whose stories we ran previously.

There’s been some developments in these cases over the past week. One of the young women finally married the man she loved and wanted to be with, and she was released from custody to go with him to an undisclosed location.

But the second woman is still detained, and now that her family has dropped the (fraudulent) theft charges they had brought against her, she is due to be released by law.

The problem is that even though her brother has publicly announced he will kill her to “reclaim the family’s honor,” the court plans to release her directly to her family. In other words, release her directly to the slaughter!

The acting judge, is in a difficult dilemma. On the one hand there’s the family with all its laden traditions alongside people in the local community pressuring him to release (R. M) to the family for them to carry out the slaughter that the brother is promising (the father does not condone it.) And on the other hand his own morality and sense of ethics as a judge disallow him to put in danger the life of a citizen. He knows very well that any guarantees her family give for her safety will be nothing beyond ink on paper. He knows well that she will be slaughtered. He has been indecisive on the matter.

This petition will be sent to the Syrian government including Mr. president, Prime Minster, the minister of justice and all parts of the releasing decision to try to push them to take their responsibility in order to protect her life by sending her to a safe unknown place where she will be able to consume building her future and upcoming life instead of sending her to her slaughter family where she will be killed immediately.

We also call upon all individuals and organizations who work with human rights and the rights of women and a better future for humanity to get involved to protect (R. M).

Silence in this case is nothing less than condoning the slaughter of (R. M).

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