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Hi i am setting this petition for all the Cowboy Bebop fans out there i have to get up at 11:00pm on thursdays and sundays just to watch Cowboy Bebop im 11 years old and my mom and dad let me watch it and i want it on at resanable hours and on all kinds of diffrent channels i love Cowboy Bebop but its ridiculus to have to be up till 11:00pm an sundays and thursdays to watch a show for an hour and plus have it on every night thank u and that was my petition

Please help me to get Cowboy bebop on every night and at resanable hours and on all kinds of channels.

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The To Get Cowboy Bebop On All Kinds Of Difrent Channels And On At Reasonable Times petition to Cartoon Network was written by Joycelyn Driscoll and is in the category Arts & Entertainment at GoPetition.