SSAC (Sunshine State Athletic Conference)
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Beach Volleyball is among the fastest growing female sport especially in high schools in the state of Florida. Many indoor volleyball athletes are taking their game to the sand where they can compete with a single partner in 2 vs 2 beach volleyball. Volleyball is such an amazing and competitive sport and a high percentage of the sport's athletes aspire to play this great sport at the next level. Therefore many athlete's play club volleyball which provides them with the necessary exposure to college recruiters. Almost all athletes want to represent their school through high school athletics. It provides a true bond, a sense of belonging and it boosts school spirit. Especially when students can support each other on and off the court. Unfortunately, the high school beach volleyball season in Florida conflicts with club volleyball and many girls must make the tough decision to not play beach volleyball for their school due to their commitment to their travel club.
Therefore, we are asking that the SSAC make the decision to move the season to Winter so that high school beach volleyball begins at the time high school indoor ends which minimizes the overlap and eliminates the conflict of club qualifiers and the high school beach volleyball state championships . This change would allow athletes the ability to play the sport they love for the school they love and not require them to choose between the club they also love and their school.

We, the undersigned, call on the SSAC to change Florida High School Beach Volleyball to a Winter Sport.

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