#Law Reform
Legislative Assembly of Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Elderly and Veterans get evicted from trailer parks whenever trailer parks sell out to condo developers. This practice more often than not leads both Elderly and Veterans groups to become Homeless and it (sometimes) even leads some of them to Suicide.

Municipalities currently REFUSE to issue Building permits for Tiny Homes due to fact later are on wheels and hence not taxable. When approached and told we'd put these on their respective foundation, Municipalities told us Tiny Homes Villages would be a breeding ground for Crime.

The CRIME here is allowing the Elderly and Veterans to become Homeless instead of coming to their rescue by providing them affordable, clean, safe, and autonomous dwelling, via the building of off-the-grid Tiny Homes.

This outlook needs to change and Municipalities SHOULD be made to respect the Affordable Housing Act by ALLOWING the building of Tiny Homes on their own respective land lot and/or in a Tiny Homes Village Setting, to maintain the Elderly and the Veterans' Communities intact, much as possible; having been evicted from their home surely being traumatic enough an experience.

Further adding weight to this petition is fact minimum wage earners CANNOT afford current rental fees for an apartment (in Ottawa, at the time and date of this writing). So we add these people as well in this petition because NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO BECOME HOMELESS. Not when plausible, affordable solutions exist.

Greed has had Its time and we've all had more than enough of It!

We, the undersigned, demand Municipalities respect our Canadian Affordable Housing Act and stop refusing Tiny Homes and/or Tiny Home Villages from being built on their OWN respective land lots.

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