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We are living in an ever-advancing technological world. One that is accelerating rapidly and is difficult to keep up with and in which to stay afloat. Most of us are guilty of being attached to our smart devices, allowing ourselves to be distracted from our most precious possessions: our children and loved ones.

This Holiday Season, "TIME OUT 2 TUNE IN."
We challenge you to power down for 1 HOUR after you light your Chanukah Menorah! Try it 1 night; try it 2 nights; you can even try it for all 8 nights! (If you do not celebrate Chanunkah, challenge yourself to power down for 1 HOUR any time, or perhaps for any 8 consecutive days!)

Make the change. Feel the impact. See their smiles.

This Chanukah 2017 give your children the greatest gift of their lives...YOU!!!
Nothing can replace a parent’s uninterrupted love, warmth, and eye contact.
Sign below and join the growing number of people who will be powering down their phones for one hour after Chanukah lighting so that they can truly be present for their kids and loved ones.

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