#Residential Disputes
Barbara Miller
United States of America

We are having many problems at 11605, 11607, 11625, and 11627 Canal Drive in the San Souci Apartments we are having constant trouble finding parking spaces and our cars are being scratched due to construction not being finished, we have no pool, we are constantly finding drug paraphanilia on the grounds, drug dealers are hanging around at all hours of the day/night, we have had a sexual offender living on the property and weren't told about it so we can protect our children, our washers and dryers never work, plus our apartmnets have numerous problems.

This is to ask the tenants at 11605, 11607, 11625, and 11627 Canal Drive for their signatures to resolve the problems that consist within our building, so we can have a better environment and home setting for ourselves/children.

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